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I live in Melbourne Australia. I'm a 47-year-old mother of two beautiful children and wife to my caring and devoted husband John.

In 2015, my life changed when I was diagnosed with Myocarditis which then led to Cardiomyopathy. This resulted in rapid deterioration in my condition. Further investigation in 2017 concluded that it was highly likely due to Sarcoidosis – which is an auto-immune condition that attacks the organs or skin in the body and my case my heart. It remains unknown what triggered Sarcoidosis.

Unfortunately, in November 2020, my heart condition worsened and during a routine consultation, I was admitted to the hospital with decreased heart function which could no longer be managed with medications. As a result, my body and organs started to shut down and I was rushed to an Intensive Care Unit and put on ECMO -life support. I was in a coma for six weeks

As an Australian citizen, I am heartbroken and my only option now is to try and have transplant surgery overseas. Time is running out and I require help urgently. I must have this before my health deteriorates and I am no longer fit enough to survive the procedure. The costs will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. My family and I will have to work extremely hard to ensure that it can be achieved.

Hundreds of people have contacted me during my struggle and I've been featured in news stories. So many people have encouraged me to take a stand, to seek funding and they have dedicated themselves to help save my life. I am so deeply grateful for their humanity and generosity.

I wish to thank those who have spent many hours researching hospitals around the world and their dedication to try and save my life.

All financial support to see this process through, no matter how small, will help me immensely. My family and I are so grateful.
I am humbled by the support and generosity of everyone and I express my thanks to God, a thousand-fold, for putting good people like you in my path.
Any fundraising event will also be a chance to bring people together who are open-minded and celebrate what we have accomplished together in standing up against the tyranny of these establishments.

Again, words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation.

A Message From Vicki

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